Dear Participants,

The “Post Intention Experiments Panel” with Lynne McTaggart, scheduled for June 29th, 2014, has been canceled. The experience of joining together to heal as a group was positive, even transformational, for all who participated – intenders and healing targets alike. However, some issues with the study design preclude us from discussing the study further in support of previous scientific evidence concerning the power of intention.

For more information, please read the article from Lynne McTaggart about the “Results of the First Healing Intention Experiment.” She welcomes your comments.

Quantum University wants to thank everyone who participated in the First and Second Healing Intention Experiments on QuantumWorld.TV.

QuantumWorld.TV will continue to educate, entertain, and enlighten through live interactive video classrooms with innovative lectures from renowned speakers.

Thank you.

QuantumWorld TV