Introduction to Energy Medicine


Introduction to Energy Medicine
with Dr. Yury Kronn, interviewed by Dr. Paul Drouin

In this video, Dr. Yury Kronn, world-renowned scientist, inventor and author, is interviewed by Dr. Paul Drouin about the properties and governing laws of Subtle Energy.

Dr. Kronn also introduces his recently-developed course, “Subtle Energy 101” – the first-ever course on a topic that is of vital significance for all living organisms, the universal power the ancients called “life force.”

This broadcast is a must for all practitioners of energy medicine and will inspire doctors, nurses, and other healthcare and wellness practitioners across all disciplines, as well anyone interested in the healing arts.


Dr. Yury Kronn, world-renowned scientist, inventor, author, and lead scientist for Vital Force Technology, Research & Science Division of Energy Tools International, LLC, earned his PhD from Russia’s prestigious Gorky University and was one of the leading theoreticians in high frequency electromagnetic vibrations, laser physics and nonlinear optics. Dr. Kronn developed the comprehensive theory of quantum nonlinear interaction of coherent electromagnetic fields with atoms and molecules, co-authored the definitive book in his field, Resonant Interactions of Light with Matter, and published more than 75 scientific articles. He has four patents and is currently finishing his new book entitled Subtle Energy – Using Technology to Harness the Force of the Universe: 30 Years of Research Bridging Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom. Today, Dr. Kronn is an authority in the science of subtle energy/vital force and has been involved in subtle energy physics research for the past 30 years. He is transforming the knowledge of subtle energy and modern physics into layman’s terms with his down-to-earth teaching style, making it easier to understand.