The Power of Creative Visualization


The Power of Creative Visualization
with Natalie Ledwell

We all play movies in our minds. For most of us, it’s a scene stuck on repeat of our past experience and exactly what we DON’T want… debt, failed relationships and ill health. In effect, we are making history repeat itself.

In this episode of Quantum World TV, Natalie Ledwell explains how using a digital vision board or Mind Movie can empower anyone to easily and effectively visualize the reality you DO want to create… abundant wealth, loving relationships and perfect health.

Natalie will detail:
Exactly why a Mind Movie has been called ‘The Most Powerful Visualization Tool’
How to use a Mind Movie to reprogram your subconscious mind
The importance of language in creating the results we want
The ‘Secret Sauce’ of a Mind Movie that invokes the universal language of Emotion
The unlimited applications of a Mind Movie for improving wealth, love and health
PLUS, how you can easily create your own powerful, personal Mind Movie that easily downloads to your phone or tablet to carry with you anywhere you go.

Natalie Ledwell

Natalie Ledwell represents what all entrepreneurs strive to be – a determined success. As one of thefounders of Mind Movies, she helped build the company with her love for personal development, knowledge of the Law of Attraction (LOA) and powerful visualization methods. Natalie has released a number of life changing programs that have helped people from all over the world positively move forward with their lives. She also recently published her first book – Never in Your Wildest Dreams. The story illustrates how the LOA works and specifically outlines what you can do on a daily basis to optimize this universal law. Readers quickly begin to possess the empowering ability to attract ANYTHING they aim for and gain complete faith that the LOA can work for them too. She is also the host of an online TV show called The Inspiration Show. Here she provides regular free information and interviews personal development guru’s, to address all kinds of personal growth and Law of Attraction questions. This creates an environment where people can connect with like-minded people, and be inspired to make positive shifts in their lives. And if that doesn’t keep Natalie busy enough, she is also a founding member of the Southern Californian Association of Transformational Leaders